The gastronomic destination in Madrid with choices for all tastes

Bulbiza is located on Ibiza street, between the Máiquez and Fernán González streets, and is a stretch of the boulevard that hosts first-class gastronomic offers with a clear commitment to Spanish cuisine. It is a gastronomic route for locals, not only from the Retiro district, but also from the whole of Madrid, and for foreigners.


Casa Julián de Tolosa

Built around a visible, open grill, fire is the essential ingredient of this modern asador in the Retiro neighborhood. Iñaki Gorrotxategi perfectly replicates the technique of the original restaurant in Tolosa. Tx steak from selected cuts, leeks grown in Mendavia or piquillo peppers from Lodosa are unmissable.

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La Cocina de Frente

Cocido Interpretation Centre at Bulbiza, this is where Juanjo López - cook and owner of La Tasquita de Enfrente-, offers a Cocido every luchtime that constantly evolves, with variations coinciding with seasonal changes. The doors are also open to guest chefs who offer their interpretation of Cocido.

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Carlos del Portillo rounds off his gastronomic selection in Bulbiza by focusing on seafood products to which he gives his marked cooking style, with impeccable handling of the cooking times, through classic grilling techniques. Products are selected meticulously from all Spanish fishing areas.

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La Retasca

Inspired by the 1960s Madrilenian taverns, La Retasca Juanjo López connects with the locals through a fun and tasty culinary offer, with the product as its highest expression, in a relaxed atmosphere that gives a refreshing touch to Bulbiza. This casual menu offers classic dishes to share.

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El Marginal

Wine bar with the seal of the founders of La Tintorería: the sommeliers César Ruiz, Flequi Berruti and Nacho Jiménez. With El Marginal, Ibiza Street has a space dedicated to wine once again - right in the same place as the legendary Buen Provecho – with a wide range of wines that are difficult to find elsewhere. Serving cured cold meats and classic dishes to be enjoyed along with the wine.

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The Pâtissier

The sweetest thing: homemade ice cream made from natural ingredients. Ricardo Vélez shows his immense pastry talent in great quality ice creams, with unique and appetizing flavors. Also, depending on the season, other iconic desserts are served in Bulbiza, such as his well-known bamba pastry.

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